Are the tours boring?

No way! Your guide will incorporate humor, modern references and many opportunities for photos. Not a history buff? Doesn't matter. You'll enjoy a Pointour.


How do I sign up?

Call 1.507.459.2938 to book a tour!


Where can I find parking?

Free street parking is available around the Historical Society. You may also use the Historical Society parking lot, shown in blue on the map below. 

Parking Map

What if I'm not in shape?

Not a problem! Customers set the pace on the walking tours. There is a break for refreshments about halfway through the tour and many sites include places to sit. Your guide is in no hurry. 


Are the tours wheelchair accessible?

Of course! Customers walk on generally flat terrain and never take stairs. Elevators or ramps are always available if your tour takes you to an upper floor.


How long are the tours?

The tours usually last about two hours. Tours are a little under two miles long with places to sit along the way and a break at a restaurant about halfway through. Pointour also offers one-hour tours for $10 that cover half of the information presented on the two-hour tours.


If only one person shows up, is the tour cancelled?

It isn't, and that person gets a private one-on-one tour!


Is there a maximum number of people on a tour?

Pointour likes to take tour groups of no more than twenty, but if you have a few more your guide would be happy to accommodate everyone. If you are bringing a group of people, do check out our group rates.


Can dogs come on the tour?

Please do not bring your pets on the tour. While Pointour loves animals, they are not allowed in many of the locations we tour.


How early should I be there?

Just be there on time. If you are running a little late please call Pointour at 1.507.459.2938 and your guide will happily delay the start time by just a bit to accommodate you. 


What is the cancellation policy?

Refunds are not given if you cancel, unless the tour itself becomes cancelled. Then a full refund will be given. 


Do I get a refund if bad weather occurs?

Refunds are not given if it starts raining or snowing on your tour. Walking through Winona in the rain (or snow) is actually a rather enjoyable experience. If your guide deems it dangerous to be outside for an extended period of time your tour will be cancelled and a full refund will be given.


Should I tip my guide?

It is customary to tip the guide around 10-20% of the cost of your tour. But if you didn't enjoy your experience, certainly don't tip, and feel free to call/email/talk to Pointour about your experience.


Do tours run all year long?

Tours can be booked at any time during the year and tours do occur during various special events.


I need more information.

Great! Call Pointour at 1.507.459.2938 or email pointourwinona@gmail.com. You may also fill out the contact form below and a guide will get back to you within 24 hours.